Updating cell phone towers Okc free chat line

17-Jan-2018 23:48

I recently purchased an att samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket, unlocked. Have had Straight talk for about a year now and had no problem porting my number.

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Miami, Fl 33178 Customers visiting the official Straight Talk website have access to all the information relating to the services.

Typically, customer service phone numbers for sales are answered more quickly than the phone number used for customer service inquiries for current account holders.

If you contact customer service through the sales line, they will either transfer you to customer service or give you the general customer service phone number to call.

The website features how the plan works, a link for customer support, ways to activate or reactivate a phone, refill minutes and a shop featuring phones, SIM cards, service plans and applications.

Customers do not need to have an active account in order to access the website.

Straight Talk is prepaid cellular service offered through Walmart.