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They were always looking next level loved up, and Tom even landed Jade a quick cameo in the final Harry Potter movie. They called it quits in January 2016, but were together for a strong seven years while Tom hit the world's red carpet and Jade worked behind the scenes as a stunt assistant.

Vicky and businessman John first went public with their relationship back in November, with a not-so-cryptic Instagram post saying 'what’s meant to be will always find a way'.

Maybe the love story that defines a generation, Louis and Eleanor's relationship has managed to survive his rise to superstardom, the whole Larry thing, an actual baby and the One Direction fandom over the years (alright, there might have been a few hiccups along the way).

Ed's even said that he feels “pretty good” about the possibility of marrying his childhood sweetheart, and that he “would definitely love kids” in the future. Although we still kinda ship Draco Malfoy with Pansy Parkinson, Jade Olivia was definitely a great alternative while the couple were still together.With friends (mostly single) in both Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley, I feel like speaking it up for these attractive people. If you go out with them and anything happens, fear no more, they will figure out a way to get through it. Often, they challenge themselves to look at the world in a different way, think of problems nobody has thought before and take the risk to turn the idea into reality. And believe me, it is a hard process to go from a concept to a functioning software that people can actually use.They work day and night passionately, they are persistent, brave people who feel lonely sometimes but don’t easily give up.Remember the last conversation you had on the impression of programmers-people who write code to build software/hardware. And yet, they are the ones that bring you cell phones, cars, elevators and just about anything that you can not live without.

I bet the words surround them are still stereotype, geeky, hacky, techy. They are trained to think out of the box and solve problems. There is no doubt people who do this for a living must be smart.

After a brief split while Ansel casually become world famous, the couple quickly got back together after realising that they were pretty much made for each other.